REM Industries

Roger E. Musser is the founder and Owner of REM Industries He graduated from high school in 1958. When he exited high school he was already an accomplished free lance photographer. He enrolled in college and soon had schedule problems with classes and photo work. While trying to decide what to do he discovered that as a free lance photographer he was already making more money than his instructors in college. He bought a four wheel drive International Scout and got evolved in off roading. He soon found out that factory 4X4´s were woefully under powered. He started making V8 and V6 conversions on off road vehicles and eventually developed a Bolt In V8 Conversion Kit for Toyota Landcrusers. He naturally migrated to Dune Buggies and developed a line of off road air cleaners using the Filtron filter element. Mounting plates and housings were needed for the new line of air filters. After much research Kydex was chosen as the best material for the job. Kydex was available in sheet form and had to be vacuum formed to make the plates and housings. He was unable to find a firm that could form Kydex so he built a machine to form the parts he needed. In 1961 photography took a back seat to his new interest and Competition FWD Products was born.

Not long after the air cleaners with Kydex housings were on the market, people started asking him to mold parts for a multitude of projects. Many of them from inventors with a new idea and a need for parts. In short order vacuum formed parts got more complex. The company grew and new and different products were developed in other markets. Processes were invented and added to deal with customer requests for parts. Then during one of the many economic down turns REM started loosing business because of the high cost of vacuum forming complex and small parts. REM was already injection molding parts but the high cost of tooling and the minimum quantity of parts that had to be ordered left a void between the two processes.

Considerable time was spent looking for a way to supply small quantities of affordable injection molded parts at a price the small user could afford. The answer was build a manual injection molding machine and develop a mold building system to make very inexpensive tooling. The system has worked so well that much of it has been incorporated into what we call our regimen for injection mold tooling that allows us to make molds faster and cheaper with out sacrificing quality.

Growth was steady until the 1994 Northridge earth quake. Located in Northridge at the time the business had to be moved to new quarters in Chatsworth. We lost customers and suppliers because they pulled up stakes and left town or went out of business. About three months after the quake we began to see and increase in new business and orders from old customers. In May of 2005 we moved to Mojave, California . REM is now located on the Mojave Space and Airport.

REM has customers that have been with us for 30 years. Some of those customers are large well known corporations and some are small companies that got there start because REM provided a way for them to turn an idea into a product. Some are successful but have not grown large and some have. Others have gone to China and succeeded in mass marketing their product but some have lost in a big way.

REM started as a one man company and incorporated as REM Industries in 1975. The business is owned by the Musser family and staffed by the family as well. All five sons and Mrs. Musser have or do staff the business today. At 69 years of age Roger still works every day and is pleased that when he goes home a night all the bills are paid and all the machinery is paid for.