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A Full Service Molder Of Small Parts

For 55 years REM Industries has served a wide customer base. We do SHORT RUN injection molding of plastic and rubber parts. At REM Industries we define short run as anything short of running a mold 24/7. We also do plastic fabrication, plastic vacuum forming, casting, and affordable tooling for all these processes. Most of our new customers are people with an idea for a new product and need to get started with a minimum outlay of capital. We can make parts and tooling from drawings, prototypes, models, sketches (even on a napkin). We have even made highly detailed 1/160th scale “n” gauge railroad cars from a series of photographs taken by the customer.

We serve customers both large and small from all over the United States, Mexico, Iceland, and Sweden. Over the years we have developed a tooling regimen for injection mold tooling that allows us to make tooling cheaper and faster without sacrificing quality. Part of that regimen is the in house design of the mold and all processes involved in making a mold are done in house with the exception of wire EDM and coatings. Aircraft grade aluminum is our usual choice for injection molds. When conditions dictate we use steel inserts for cavities, and slides. On some tools special coatings are used to increase quality and life of the mold. We have aluminum molds that are over 20 years old and have made thousands of parts.

We specialize in small and micro injection molded parts up to 6 ½ oz. We use a wide selection of polymers both with and without fillers. Not only are the parts that we mold small but the quantities can be small too. Many of our customers order less than a 100 parts at a time while others order thousands each month.

Vacuum formed parts can be small and as large as something that can be made from a sheet of plastic that is 30 X 36 inches in our plant. Packaging is a popular use of the vacuum forming process. Larger and more substantial parts like electronic enclosures, machine covers, motion picture camera lens shades, and radomes can be made with much lower mold costs than injection molding.

The fabrication of plastic parts is sometimes the only way a product can be brought to market. It can be a valuable tool in achieving a final design for molding. It may be the only cost effective way to make a part. The volume of sales may never reach a point that would justify building a mold, or the part may be too large to justify any other method of manufacture.

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